Monday, September 24, 2007

Electrodiagnosis of Retinal Disease


From the reviews:

"This book is an attractive, succinct, useful and readily accessible reference for clinicians who need to refer patients for clinical visual electrophysiology and for visual electrophysiologists who provide the testing services. It provides rapid and easily accessible descriptions of the major retinal diseases and specifies the information needed for their differential diagnosis. … The style is clear and concise and the layout uncramped. … This very personal work will encourage other clinics to use more visual electrophysiology and incorporate methods Miyake has developed." (Vaegan, Documenta Ophthalmologica, Vol. 113, 2006)

Product Description
This groundbreaking work presents techniques of electrodiagnosis and developments in electrophysiology in relation to other ocular findings as the author summarizes his extensive experience and knowledge of visual electrophysiological testing, the most definitive objective test of macular function. This book is the first to combine retinal physiology, morphology, and vitreoretinal surgery, and includes new findings in normal-macula physiology, newly discovered pathophysiological mechanisms of known diseases, and new clinical entities with unique functional properties. Also described is the correlation of macular function and macular morphology using focal macular electroretinography and optical coherence tomography obtained in surgery. This valuable resource enables researchers and clinicians to better understand the principles and methods of current techniques of visual electrophysiology and the pathophysiology of retinal diseases.

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