Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cataract Surgery: (FCO Series) (Fundamentals of Clinical Opthalmology)

Book Description
This medium sized text is intended to give the reader a readable comprehensive overview of all aspects of a cataract from its numerous perspectives, eg epidemiology, medicolegal aspects and Third World issues, in addition to providing an exposition of past, present and future surgical techniques for its removal. The book is a compilation of chapters provided by experienced surgeons and anaesthetists, epidemiologists, physicists and others involved in the management of the patient with cataract. Modern phakoemuslification techniques are described in detail and include basic physics or phakodynamics as well as the most common approaches or strategies for nuclear removal from soft cataracts to dense brunescent nuclear sclerosis. Wound construction is covered in some detail since this is perhaps one of the most important components of successful phakoemulsification. The refractive implications of wound construction are explained since an understanding of corneal changes in cataract surgery is essential when combined cataract and refractive surgery, which is now commonplace, is contemplated. There are chapters devoted to local anaesthetic techniques, the management of the diabetic patient, as well as other complex problems. A separate chapter is devoted to biometry and the problems of lens power calculations in patients having previously undergone corneal refractive surgery. Finally, future developments such as laser phako and accommodative lens implants are included.
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