Friday, November 02, 2007

The Eye Care Sourcebook

Book Description

The most comprehensive, patient-friendly guide to eye care available

The Eye Care Sourcebook offers you the best approach for obtaining quality eye care. It provides an overview of LASIK and other forms of vision correction, as well as in-depth descriptions of most major eye problems, including poor vision among elderly people, macular degeneration, cataracts, itchy and burning eyes, and more.

From the Inside Flap
The eye serves as a window to the body. And with The Eye Care Sourcebook, Dr. Jay B. Lavine, noted authority in ophthalmology and nutrition, shows you how to ensure the optimal health of this vital organ.

Embracing the philosophy that prevention is the highest form of healing and that surgery should always be considered the last resort, Dr. Lavine discusses nutritional and lifestyle changes that can bring you better eye health.

The author exposes what he calls "today's entrepreneurial medical practices" and gives you the tools to determine whether or not risky, invasive surgeries are in your best interests.

In The Eye Care Sourcebook, you will find the latest information on:

• LASIK and other refractive surgeries--What are the real risks? Do you really need it?
• Cataract--Are there steps you can take to prevent the condition? How can you avoid unnecessary surgery?
• Glaucoma--Can a new herbal extract actually help preserve vision? What role does diet and lifestyle play in the worsening of this condition?
• Diabetes--How can you best avoid laser treatments? Are there foods and nutrients that can halt the vision decline associated with this disease?
• Macular degeneration--What foods and herbs can help prevent it?
• Vision and aging--What are the most common causes of poor vision as you age and are there actually some nutritional approaches that can produce unwanted side effects in this population?
• Itching and burning eyes--What natural, effective treatments can bring relief?
• Vision in infants--How can you detect early warning signs and thus optimize a child's future vision?
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