Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stereoatlas of Ophthalmic Pathology: Anatomy and Pathology of the Peripheral Fundus

Book Description
This stereoscopic atlas is based on the slide collection of the late Professor B. Daicker, Basel, who was renowned for his merits in ophthalmopathology the world over. From the compilation of on the whole 12,000 stereoscopic slides of interesting and rare eye diseases, the editor selected 246 pairs to make them available to interested health professionals. These images can be viewed through stereo glasses (provided with the atlas) to obtain a stereoscopic depth perception.The atlas is divided into seven chapters. Each chapter starts with a short introduction, followed by the slides, which are complemented by a description of the disease and by additional images which can be found on the also included CD-ROM.The technical efforts made together with the carefully selected content make this atlas unique and indispensable. The stereoscopical visualization enhances the comprehension of eye disorders and makes it a much-welcomed tool for the differential diagnostic process.

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mahmoudkatash said...

pls mirrorrs in MiHD or Zshare or any other site any way so much for valuable effort

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