Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Glaucomas: Volume I - Pediatric Glaucomas

Product Description:

Congenital glaucoma is a complex problem, which has been a frequent cause of blindness in the past. Over the past decades, the prognosis of congenital glaucoma has completely changed. Surgical results are very good and enable these children to integrate entirely as adults in society.
Based on the authors’ accumulated experience of more than 50 years and 860 cases operated for congenital glaucoma, this well-structured and lavishly illustrated textbook-atlas covers all aspects of congenital and infantile glaucoma, such as the original method for examining new-borns under general anaesthesia in the slit-lamp, the signs and symptoms of the disease and the differential diagnosis, the role and importance of the echometry value for early diagnosis, the gonioscopy results and the three types of congenital glaucomas (pure, refractory and late) and the type of surgery to be performed in each case with the evaluation of follow-up long-term results. Written by renowned international experts of the field, this book will become the golden standard in the field of Pediatric and Congenital Glaucomas.


huss said...

dear pls oxford handbook of ophthalmology

Anonymous said...

kol sana wenta tayyeb ya dr Amr pasha

hussam said...

كل عام و الذي في قلوبنا اكبر و الذي بيننا ابقي وانقي واطهر

Anonymous said...

This file are delete!
Can u give again???

dr.amr said...

link fixed again

phuongbs said...

Thanks very much!!!

Ahmed.S said...


I've been looking for a while for the book "The Glaucomas: Volume I - Pediatric Glaucomas ",
Could you please update the link, the link in the blog is no more active. is Offline ? any idea why ?

Thanks a lot,

Best Regards,

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